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Matt Morrett with his trophy gobbler
Photo courtesy of Matt Morrett

Matt Morrett

Zink Call’s Matt Morrett

Matt Morrett, of Linglestown, Pa., has spent more than 25 years in the turkey hunting business. He got his start competing in turkey calling contests as a teenager. In 1987, when he was just 16, he won the World Turkey Calling Championship in the Friction Call Division. The same year, Morrett began work with Hunter’s Specialties. During the following two decades, he won many of the most elite contests. He is a past NWTF Grand National Champion and has five World Friction and seven U.S. Open titles. He has also starred in dozens of hunting videos and several TV shows.

Building off his reputation and work at Hunter’s Specialties, Morrett has served as vice president of sales and marketing for Zink Calls and Avian X decoys for the past two years.

Life at Zink

Morrett heads the turkey division for Zink Calls and Avian X Decoys. Whether it is managing sales, facilitating marketing efforts or helping develop innovate products — he has his hands on the turkey hunting pulse every day.

“One of the reasons I like working for Zink Calls is that every call that leaves our shop is built by someone who has a passion for chasing this great game bird,” Morrett said. “We live turkey hunting 365 days a year — from scouting and hunting turkeys for our TV show, or hand-building calls in the shop in Clintonville, Ohio.”

Zink employs some of the best turkey callers in the nation to manufacture turkey calls and has a team of pro staffers who consistently win calling competitions and help field test, market and promote its products.

“Zink Calls are built with a whole lot of care and craftsmanship,” Morrett said. “There is no mass production when it comes to Zink. Each is built one at a time. We take no shortcuts.”

Morrett also likes working with Avian-X Decoys because its mantra is to strive to produce the most realistic, user-friendly and effective decoys on the market.

“When designing our decoys, we didn’t re-invent the wheel,” he said. “We just made it the best one you can buy. I have used decoys from other companies for a long time, but I can honestly say that I have never had confidence in them until I put an Avian X out in front of me. Realism is a must if you want to kill a turkey, and our decoys provide that.”

Sound advice

Morrett recommends every turkey hunter carry a variety of friction calls.

“Besides a box call, I carry all three Zink Thunder Ridge pot calls — slate, crystal and aluminum,” he said. “The cool thing about our friction calls is that with the striker conditioner built into the bottom of each one, you always have a fresh calling surface.”

Morrett says the real secret to consistently taking turkeys is to sound like a real hen turkey when you’re calling.

“The best way to sound like a real turkey hen is to listen to a hen turkey when she’s vocalizing,” he said. “Watch videos and listen to audio CDs, and you’ll learn the cadence and natural subtleties of how real turkeys call. Hearing it over and over again will help you duplicate those sounds in the field.”

Decoy do’s

Using decoys to hunt turkeys can be a tremendous asset. Morrett offers two key pieces of advice to help you use decoys effectively.

“Put the decoy in a place where a turkey can see it,” he said.

For example, when you’re hunting heavy timber, don’t set your decoy in a group of trees.

His second tip is related: While you want the turkey to be able to see the decoy, you don’t want the gobbler to spot it from far away.

“Set up your decoy so a gobbler can see it when he’s only 60 to 80 yards from it,” he said. “If he spots it from a distance, he might hold up.

“Also, when the gobbler spots the decoy, quit calling to him. The more you call to him, the more the gobbler is going to want the hen to come to him.”

All day, every day

Morrett was raised a hunter and today he lives it 24/7.

“I grew up in the woods,” he said. “I’m so thankful that my dad wanted to pass his love of the outdoors on to me. He put it in my blood.”

Besides working fulltime for Zink Calls and Avian X Decoys, he is also part of the Mossy Oak National Pro Staff and a dedicated member of the NWTF.

Morrett credits the NWTF for helping him become a more successful hunter, conservationist, company spokesperson and businessman.

“I grew up reading NWTF publications and striving to learn all I could about becoming a better turkey hunter,” Morrett said. “I thank the NWTF for providing me with many valuable experiences throughout my career. Participating in NWTF calling competitions, socializing at local banquets and engaging with customers at the annual convention and sports show have helped me become who I am today.”

Morrett spends his days traveling the country promoting turkey hunting and contest calling, the NWTF’s mission and selling products he believes in. You can also catch him on the “Avian X” TV show on the Pursuit Channel. — JJ Reich